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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  February 8, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PST

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#*s 1ugsz. welcome to "red eye." >> he never should have questioned me about the crying he heard coming from my hope chest. andy levy is here with a pre game president are. >> our top story tonight, has the u.s. constitution lost some of its luster around the world? some say yes, but others say maybe that is the rest of the world's problem. many say why aren't iraq veterans not getting the same treatment? and finally it is the rise of the planet of the iranian ninja women.
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greg? >> thank you, andy. >> exactly two years until the winter olympics. >> i better start training then. >> for what? >> the olympics. this is the first to include the magical sport of skipping. >> really? you skip? >> do i skip. i have been skipping my skipping practice. who knows. i used to skip to my skipping practice. >> if you don't make the olympics what will you do? >> skip it, i guess. >> good night, everybody. let's welcome our guest. she is so stunning that police use her to tas protesters. it isly anne -- it is leanne tweeden. and his car does president -- doesn't need air bags for obvious reasons. and his latest cd is called image makeover. it is a joke about his lips for new comers. and my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and if he were mt. everest i
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would need a bottle to cloim him. the ceo of wall street strategies. and it is that stupid talking paper, good to see you pinch. >> the term ticker tape used in brokerages. the material used in ticker tape parades like the one we had today is nothing more than unprinted and shredded newspapers. that's right, giants fans were throwing around shards of my brethren flesh in this celebration, you monsters. it is enough to become a patriots fan. >> you know what bothers me? that's what i was going to talk about in the parade segment was ticker tape and where it came from. >> well, if you had asked me i could have told you. i know everything. >> i will have to think of something else. is we the people obsolete? according to a new study the constitution is losing its appeal around a -- around the
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world, no longer a code to be copied. researchers from washington university and uva note that among the world's democracies, similarity has gone into free fall. the new york times offers possible reasons for them. among them, quote, the u.s. constitution is [terse|terce] and old and -- terse and old and its wayning influence may be from a decline in power and press stege. >> meanwhile, she seems to agree during a visit to egypt last week saying, quote, i would not look to the united states constitution if i were drafting a constitution of the year 2012. and recommending instead the south african constitution or the canadian charter of rights and freedoms which are both available on the back of your local mcdonalds place mat. for more let's go live to the "red eye" law analyst cat.
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>> good to see you. >> good to see you. >> i'm lying. you were in the green room saying we should burn our constitution and replace it with a biography of gabe kaplan? >> yes. i thought you were going to say gay kaplan. >> what do you have against the constitution of america? >> the constitution has no power around the world anymore. we don't have to worry about it anymore. it doesn't mean america's influence is wayneing. wining. we have to start worrying when countries around the world stop replicating and watching "who's the boss." the key to american dominance is kim kardashian and a slap chop. sleep tight, america. >> slap chop is that thing you use to -- okay.
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>> why do you follow everything i say with a follow-up and you have to undermind me? >> i have no idea why. is our constitution too old and too difficult to amend and too mean? >> it is hard to run an official dictatorship and have a constitution at the same time. >> that's what the problem s. the muslim brotherhood may not want to adopt our constitution. but i think our strongest representatives will have to be mcdonalds, kfc and taco bell. did you seat earnings? amazing. same store sales are up 20%. half of their profits coming from overseas. maybe that's the way we get into the country. first we sell them what we have, and then maybe we adopt our laws. >> leeann, other nations are like newt gingrich. they replace the constitution like their wives on average every 19 years. does that make more sense? >> well, i think they went 19 years because they are talking about every generation and every generation is a little
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different. i think obviously we are a little different than when our fore fathers framed the constitution. >> in what way? >> please, can i continue? i will let you have our say. the world has changed a lot. the basis of our constitution is a great thing, and i think it has taken us to great places in the world. it should be easier to amend. it is easier to change anything and the 19-year thing -- it is not 19 years specifically, but they say, is this really the way we live our lives now. i am not saying you can change it by two people vote for it, but it should be easier. we shouldn't be against relooking at it from a different time. >> when it comes to the constitution, a woman, or maybe a black man. it might need amending later
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on. as perfect a document as it is. >> they are not talking about that. they want to make the constitution sexier. that's what they are saying. they want it to be more well liked. they want to tbif it botox or a lip i'm plant like paul. >> i don't like hot clubs. i like dive bars. but if you are going to improve on something you don't go to a rotary phone. you want to update to something cool and hip like an i phone. they are not looking at what the old constitution said. this is the oldest. they are looking at what the last great one was. like people are doing the canadian one. >> everybody can have everything. >> and it is also partly in french. it is like the lady marmelade of french. >> great song. >> are we in high school again? we are worried people are copying us in home room. you don't want everybody doing what you are doing because it
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ruins it for those that originated it. that's what they did to rally fingers is they ruined the mustache. >> i will ask you, charles, the new york times says the constitution is out of step with the rest of the world in failing to protect entitlement to food, education and health care. what they are saying -- they want the constitution to be nicer, to be more liberal, to make sure that people are guaranteed -- they want to turn things you work for into rights. >> or things you don't work for into rights. that's what they really want to do. but have i to admit right now, i do not know all of the words to "lady marmelade." >> are you a black guy. >> the french part throws me off. >> the european utopism. >> isn't it extreme if you say
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you want people to have rights and the ability to have food and shelter. >> that's not a right. you have a right to go earn it and go get it, but the idea that you have a right to have it says who pays for it. >> i don't get the food thing. food is everywhere. look at north korea. they eat grass. >> and that is in short supply. you boil it and it is fine. >> let's look at the people writing this stuff. let's take away the idea of the constitution and the argument you won over paul. >> i am not done yet. >> forget about the element of the constitution and why they would use anything that is american that is bad. i say the comments about the constitution, you can replace the constitution with the military. you can replace it with everything that is american except pop culture. people just like to go out and apologize for things.
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our constitution, ew. >> i thought they were just quoting the guy that wrote the declaration. he said it should be replaced every 19 years. >> he was wrong and you are wrong. i am talking about intentions of the people who are speaking now. >> i don't think it is an apology for. it i think it is this sort of insecurity complex we shouldn't have as a country because other countries aren't adopting the same constitution. i think it shows us to be weak when we are not weak. the constitution is working for us just fine. if other countries don't want to take what we are doing, that's their problem and not our problem. >> basically what you are saying is i can't be critical of somebody else who is critical of something that is american or i might be insecure. why aren't they insecure? >> they might be. >> you are criticizing me right now. why aren't you secure? >> i am at least an inch taller than you and i am short. >> she right. you are short.
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from left wing fails to killer whales, is shamu -- i'm shorter than him so if i call him short it doesn't work. is shamu just like you? well peta thinks so arguing that killer whales need the same constitutional protections against slavery as humans. and naming five beasts as plaintiffs in a lawsuit against seaworld. the animal rights freaks say these monsters are treated like slaves and forced to live in tanks and perform at seaworld park in california and florida. two states. and now the u.s. judge is considering the case prompting the lucky lawyer representing the orcas to say, quote, for the first time in our nation's history, a federal court heard arguments whether living, breathing, feeling beings have rights and can be enslaved because they happen to have not been born human. bill knows that feeling. but seaworld says this is a waste of time and resources with their lawyer responding, quote, neither orcas or any other animal were included in the we the people when the constitution was adopted.
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i think i was this argument. while the orcas are in court, seaworld has found a temporarily replacement. >> it is not a killer whale. it is not even close. leeann, you said you hope one day a human and a whale will one day be able to legally marry. so are you totally behind peta on this. >> when i was a kid i loved going to zoos and i loved seaworld. and then as i have gotten older i feel bad for animals that are caged up that should be in the wild. >> but these guys don't know any different. do they really? >> do they get like a tiny enclosure or the entire ocean to roam? i think it is a little crazy. >> have you been in the ocean? it is all the same. you don't need -- like how much of the ocean do you need?
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>> plus there are prad -- plus there are predators in the ocean. >> i think that whale has killed three people. >> that's his job. his job is to say incoherent things and he does it well every night. >> the point is they did call it a killer whale. that's a tipoff. let me ask you, bill, it is true, one of these orca plaintiffs did drown its trainer in a tragic accident. if you follow peta's logic, where do you go with this? >> they will be treated as people, then that whale needs to be put up on three charges of manslaughter. >> look at that pool. that pool is a lot nicer than an 8 by 10 jail. his dorsal finish won't even fit. >> but the ocean is better than that. >> not if it was a giant toilet. >> will the slavery defense
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hurt the standing with people or even black people? >> that is such a racist thing. >> they are talking about slavery. it has to be offensive. not just to you -- well, you are not even human, paul. >> i can't speak for most black people, but the brothers don't go to seaworld that much. we are not really big on seaworld. after you saw the first "free willy" you kind of got the whole thing. there is a legal case here though, guys. i don't know if you saw the names of the whales. tillicum, there is a lawsuit somewhere in there of who ever named these guys. it has to hurt their feelings. >> what scares me is if it starts a big trend, what is the job every child will want to be is an animal lawyer. when you talk to a kid they always want to be a veterinarian. now they watch tv and watch shows like "the good wife" and they decide i wants to be an animal lawyer.
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>> when i was a kid i used to want to be a dolphin trainer. >> unless it is a euphemism. >> these whales are taken care of, they are fed. they have a hot chick that rides them and plays with their blow holes. it is like a ron jeremy attraction. it is awesome. if these are the equivalent of humans and march for their right and get hosed, we will be playing into their hands. >> that's a good point. they won't be marching because they have no feet. >> well, if there was a giant slip and slide on the street. >> that would be awesome. >> animal corp would be awesome. >> i live in a jewish neighborhood. i was going to get a dobermin, but i said, let me get three yorkies. >> you are in a jewish neighborhood with british
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dogs. >> interesting. coming up, on sunday they were seen by more than 100 million people. which was your favorite? mccurio's top or bottom lip? look at those. does iran have a female ninja army? yes if you believe the latest in the female ninja army magazine and i do.
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should we celebrate sports while ignoring those in
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sports? new york honored a team with a ticker tape parade wondering how you could forget the iraq war veterans. they said such a parade would not be right while folks are fighting in afghanistan. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said, quote, we don't think a parade is appropriate while america's sons and daughters are in harm's way. new york's mayor michael bloomburg wants to honor the vets, and accepts the pentagon's example. ed cox says the dod is making political decisions that are ridiculous. and groups such as the vfw say while they would get the position they would support a parade. even winners. even winners of the duck super bowl get their own ticker parade.
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>> play ball. leeann, your husband is in the air force and you do a lot of work for the troops. i can see both sides of the argument, but do you think it is the right time for a parade in new york city? >> i don't think it is not a good time. well i understand the pentagon's point of view. they have served in iraq and afghanistan. people in afghanistan served in iraq that are there right now. my husband served in both and i don't think it is a problem. just do it and don't ask permission. just do it and ask forgiveness. have a party whether it is a national party or parade or whatever. that was a long war we were in. the guys are still in afghanistan. when they come home, we will have another one. >> there is no limit to parades. new york has so many stupid parades. this is a parade that makes sense. charles, saints luis saint
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luis -- st. louis had a parade for the vets 10 days ago. why can't we do it? >> it is ridiculous. great point. have two, have three. let's have a parade. i think it would inspire troops still over there saying i can't wait until we get back. you remember how badly we treated veterans coming back from vietnam. that still lingers on a lot of people's minds. >> you subscribe to parade magazine which is hilarious because we get it free with our sunday paper. >> you do? i pay $600 a year. >> and just for that column in the front. >> i read it over and over. >> does the pentagon have a point? >> no. it is ridiculous. if you are going to wait for the wars to be over before you can have a parade -- that is like waiting to speak to your family again to go to the macy's thanksgiving day parade. it is not going to happen. and we can have a parade for the new york giants in the
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canyon of heros, but you can't have veterans go down there. the last time i checked it was called the canyon of heros and not the canyons of millionaires with rape charges against them. >> do they have them? i was no where near that area. bill you don't like parades because your cardboard box gets trampled. would you make an exception for veterans? >> i used to have a theory that the only time new york should have a parade is if they done something. you won the super bowl. you defended our country. my dad was a vietnam vet and he didn't like how he was streeted when he got back. having said that, he didn't see how bad the traffic was downtown today. i think there should be no parade, no parades period. it ruins everything. new jersey got it right. new jersey had the right idea. you know what the giants did after they destroyed the business area downtown? they went over to the stadium over at met life and everybody
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sat there and stared at them. that's what they did. put everything in the met life stadium and put them there. no one is moving and traffic is fine and the commute is good, and we are just looking at you real crazy like. >> the great thing if you worked on wall street spring training come early. >> they could have had a parade one week earlier. >> when did all of these occupy wall streeters start tailgating? >> you know the words are endless. we should have end less parades. it would keep hot dog vendors in business. it is like the puerto rican day parade. it goes on forever. >> have i a lot of friends that were injured severely in iraq. i think it would be a good time to say thank you to them. >> i agree. i have to say i would even say i am totally for this, but i
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don't get sports parades. you are basically honoring people making will ins of dollars a year like you said performing their dream job which must make you very bitter, but then these are the same people where if they walked into a club they would kick you out of your booth to make room for the drug dealer and the guy that is holding their dog. >> they are not for the athletes. the athletes hate them. did you see them? they were hung over and like, waiving at everyone. it is for the fans who couldn't afford the super bowl ticket. >> that's a good point. >> on that note, do you have a comment on the show? e mail us. it is that simple. red eye at fox 212-462-5050. still to come the half time report from tv's andy levy, a depressing man. >> tonight it is sponsored by key bobbing. it is part skiing and part bobsledding and always entertaining. thanks, ski bobbing.
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welcome back. let's see if we got anything wrong so far. hi, andy, how is it going? >> good, how are you? >> great, thanks. did you just make a gesture at me when i wasn't looking? >> yes. >> all right. is our constitution losing appeal throughout the world.
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it was by the founding fathers of thomas jefferson. >> that is how you measured your sunscreen and how the university was to keep them from being sunburned. >> you are wrong. >> charles, you said it was hard to run a dictatorship and follow the constitution. but of course this study was done with other democracies. >> figure i should point that out. >> it was accurate to say that wanting a constitution to guarantee food and education and health care promotes an agenda. it is an agenda where the government's job is to guarantee stuff to people. unlike our constitution which in many ways is set up to limit the tower -- the power of government which is the opposite of that. >> that's true. but there is a liberal agenda where you want people to be taken care of and is evil and it is going too far. >> forget the evil part, but it is a liberal slash
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socialist agenda. >> it might be, but -- >> it is. i didn't say it was evil. >> i think we agree. >> i say it is evil. >> i do too, but i was trying to be nice. >> the government is trying to guarantee stuff in order to preserve power. >> our constitution is a horrible model for places where people want to be guaranteed things and want like a free ride. people like paul. they shouldn't look to our constitution for that. >> that's true. >> and paul you should probably move to sweden or something. >> i would love to. i would be far away from both of you. >> we would probably -- we would too. we would probably pay for your plane ticket, paul. >> and the great thing is he wouldn't need a flotation device if the plane crashed. >> his lips could get him a ticket for swedish meatballs. >> which i would share with every other person in sweden because i am that kind of guy. >> the things you share with other people generally involve
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doctor visits. leeann, you said the constitution should be looked at with every generation which is fine. don't you think we made it purposely hard to amend so it is not subject to whatever is fashionable at the moment. >> probably true, but i think let's meet somewhere in the middle for that. >> where do you want to meet? >> i don't know. our normal spot. i don't want to say it out loud. >> fair enough. >> you know our little pub over yonder? >> yes. >> chuck e cheese is not a pub. >> the -- does anyone remember the whole free speech thing? >> to have these commissions where you can be brought -- >> yes. they can basically threaten you or take -- or take criminal action if you saying this that can offend somebody. >> anybody can accuse you, but you have to go before a board and explain and you can be
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fined. >> and we have a supreme court justice that thinks that is a good mod dwell. model. >> peta is suing seaworld. greg, you said these guys don't know any different. they are whales. five killer whales are named as plaintiffs. did they agree to this? >> that's a good point. >> paul, you are an exlawyer, can you do that? >> yes, but the problem is they are killer whales and you can't get near them. it is difficult to have a conversation with them. >> it might have been just you. >> by the way, whales huge rape rape -- rapists. >>- q. i all of the sealife is just not good people. >> we start filing suits on behalf of whales we need to punish them too. if you will treat them as humans, they need to stop the raping. do i stand alone on this? >> i am just hoping you move on. some people on the table can't make stupid jokes.
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>> that's an excellent point. >> i notice i didn't say your name. >> i am moving on so i don't make stupid eke jokes. >> i don't like these places. let the animals be free so we can hunt them and eat them. >> there you go. >> otherwise it is not sporting. >> and of course you would think this is the best place for whales because they get fed and a place to sleep. that's exactly what you want in the constitution for people. >> where did that -- how did you make that? what is that? >> it is exactly the same. >> did you notice the legal word i used? >> it is the name of of a shampoo you use. >> oh, nexxus. >> stop laughing. >> parade for the giants and not the iraq war vets. lee -- leeann you said it is not a good time for a parade. are you not sure? >> i didn't mean that. anytime is a good time for a parade. >> you just love a parade? >> i am not a big parade person.
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i was here in the city and my husband is a giants fan, but i didn't feel like standing in the cold with thousands of other new yorkers to see the parade. i watched it on tv. >> and that's a good point. he thought the giants looked like they didn't want to be at the parade. >> most don't. they are excited to win, but after the first hour they are like, okay, i want to be done already. >> when i was in the army i wanted to do one parade and it was miserable. >> military parades are more than men standing on a podium and passing the lombardi trophy jie. that was the kitten parade. >> but to try to get them to walk in step, it is not easy. >> it is not easy, but it is adorable. >> when you train a soldier you can't walk in step with other trained soldiers. >> we are talking about kittens. >> i want to know what the kittens did to deserve a parade. >> for the four seconds they are actually in step, it is. you just play that on a loop. >> andy was -- bill was wondering why the kittens had
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a parade. it is because they successfully captured a for the i made out of seat cushions. >> charles, you said we should have a parade for the iraq war vets and then we will have another one when the war in afghanistan is over. i don't think that is the overriding issue. i think they are saying it is weird to have a parade now while the troops are still in afghanistan in harm's way. >> no, i kind of get that. it is a tough call. it is a tough call, yes, without a doubt. >> i don't think it is a tough call at all. >> we are talking about honoring people and still having other people serving. it is not dishonorable. >> no parades. >> there you have the two sides right there. >> paul, no new york giants have rape charges against them. as a lawyer i am surprised you would slander people like that. >> are you right. they are all pending. >> no, they are not. it may be actionable, so keep that in mind. i am sending a tape for you
12:37 am
over to the giants. >> don't send anything to the giants. they can't read. >> again, actionable. you are full of slander today. i am done, greg. >> it is weird. i never thought slander could smell so bad. all right. coming up jarodly -- jarod leto is dead -- tired of people not taking his music seriously. and what is new with axel rose? probably his face.
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should their army cause alarmy. according to an iranian-run state news station, about 3500 women in the islamic country are training to become ninjas. they produced an awesome six-minute video. roll clip, clip rollers.
12:41 am
>> it has long been marginal liesed. in 2007 when iranian women started qualifying for the olympics severe punishment would not follow the islamic rules. only three made it to beijing. we must discuss this in the -- >> lightning roooouuuuuunnnnd. lightning round. >> paul, let's just assume we did this story because it would turn you on. try to refrain from saying anything racist. >> other sexist. >> i think the iranian government hasn't thought this through. they are denying the women the
12:42 am
right to vote. take these chinese throwing stars and do what you want with them. what could go wrong were that? >> leeann rvetion -- this is bizarre from a place who treats women so poorly, turning them into killing machines. >> even then, how do we know they are women? were they not little boys? >> i think we actually are going to reed -- reedit this and put that in. >> i know little boys and those are women. >> let me tell you though. i think it is fascinating they are training these women. they can't vote and can't drive and have no rights, but they are letting them train in martial arts. it is cool. not that they are going to do much. >> they can kick you all you want, but an army is going to shoot you. >> it will probably put them in the front line to see what they can do against a machine gun. it is hard to take iran serious. i remember when they had maneuvers. can you really take them
12:43 am
seriously. we are told this country would be deadly. it is always the force we have. you are the president of the teenage mutant ninja nightclub. >> of course they are turning them into ninjas. the ninja is the closest thing to the burr caw in the history of the -- burke caw in the history of the uniform. and charles is on to something here. between the ninjas and the artillery that comes out of "mad max" theirs is an army of 80s icons. that's all it is. >> it is a lifetime movie waiting to happen. >> pretty soon you know what they will have. all of a sudden they will unveil a row bow cop. it is a guy covered in various parts of garbage can refrigerators. >> and hence our western culture has worked.
12:44 am
and it made it to iran, and it has worked. it is taking over. >> it tricked them into thinking these things might work. and then they show up dressed as robocops. all right, a new report -- come on. you can move it. a new report from the cdc says too many kids breathe in other people's smoke while riding in cars. there is a nice miss tour. a nice picture. more than one in five middle and high school students ride in cars while someone else is smoking. laws banning smoking in cars have been adopted in some states. the law should be adopted elsewhere. charles, isn't this all one big move? in five years if you are smoking in your car and there is a kid they can throw you in jail, right? >> smokers have lost a lot of rights. i hate cigarette smoke. there is nothing more i hate than there is a nice summer day and a window is down and the breeze is coming through. and i start choking because the guy in front of me has a
12:45 am
cigarette hanging out of the car. and she driving a prius. he wants to save the planet, but she killing me. roll up the windows. >> i love the smell of cigarettes. i love that smell. >> it is when you first light a cigarette, that smell is great. >> yes, it is. and then when i put it out on your back, paul, that is the smell. >> you actually didn't have to move it beyond that. just let it go. >> i know how caring you are. >> aren't smokers at some point going to rise up and fight back like the animals in "planet of the apes." they can't get their iron lungs through the door. it is tough to maneuver. >> you in every smoked? >> i smoked once behind my mother's garage when i was 12 and i coughed and i didn't like it. and then my dad put it out on my back. the thing is, if you want your kids to deal with this the right way, if you are doing your good parenting job you make sure your kid gets drunk enough so he can vomit up the
12:46 am
secondhand smoke. >> nicely done. >> one thing though and that will really attract kids is they are impervious to cold. you go outside and it is 10 dries. they are out there. if they are smoking it doesn't matter how cold it is. >> leeann you told me you love smokers. >> i love them and french kissing them is so glorious and gorgeous and beautiful. >> i am lighting a cigarette right now. >> we can't tell with those lips. >> your lips are touching me from me. no, i think it is -- the party i hosted in indy this weekend there was smoking in the club. i was like, what is it? i don't think i have been a club between new york and l.a. for years that has had smoking in it. it was disturbing. >> those probably weren't cigarettes. >> it is about parenting. if a parent is a smoker and driving their kids around, the last thing they are thinking about is secondhand smoke is getting to my children. >> smokers are not bad people.
12:47 am
this drives me crazy. bill, you actually for awhile lived in your car with your three daughters. >> that's right. >> did you curtail your smoking? >> yes, the car was always full of smoke, but they were the ones smoking. i had to keep my eyes on the road, greg. i couldn't be bothered with the smoke. >> what was the baby in indonesia that was chain smoking? >> are you not a paisht. parent. these kids need distractions. if the country is going to get them out of my way. >> in about four or five years you can be arrested as a child abuser if you smoke in front of your kid. that's my prediction. that's the way it is going. >> get rid of cigarettes and my kid is only allowed to do blow. >> good. more junk is on the way. time to take a break.
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last topic. on monday axel rose turned 50 and to celebrate a bunch of guns n' roses fans bought a
12:52 am
full page ad to wish him a happy birthday. wrote one fan "i wish i could be a part of you by tatooing your skin because you are a huge part of my heart and school." bill can be so embarrassing. keep it to yourself. paul, what did you do to celebrate this half century milestone. >> i weeped and then i was surprised because he doesn't look a day over no longer relevant. but the nice thing of being this age is which he sings "patience" he candied indicate it to his -- he can dedicate it to his enlarged prostate. >> i want to dedicate some of the collagen in your lips to his prostate. rock stars go into something that is no longer scary, but stale. >> i think keith richards and mick jagger set the bar so high that i don't know. 50 is the still -- >> he still has 20 more years. >> that's a scary thought. >> it is. >> but if you are that way at his age you have to be charming, and he is not
12:53 am
charming. but you lived with him in the late 90s. has he inning chaed much? >> -- has he changed much? >> besides the plastic surgery, no. my husband and i went and saw him. i was shocked at how good they sound and how good he sounded. he can still hit the notes. a lot of people you see them singing their songs from twenty years ago and they see it an octave lower and they can't hold the notes. he was great. i got to hang out with tom cruise and axel rose. it was cool. >> i hear -- did you give him a piggyback ride because he likes to do that with all people. did he climb on your back like a monkey? did he play with hour hair? with your hair? >> i was a little disturbed. i'm like, i think the two of them are -- he did find my husband cute i think. >> bill. i believe you were conceived at a guns guns n' roses
12:54 am
concert so it must carry extra meaning. >> the only meaning it does -- i was actually a cindy lauper guy. the only meaning it has for me is he has grown into his nick nickname. i found next sell to be an old nickname like ham bone and axel and it is on a rocking chair on the parch. axel as young doesn't make sense. >> the rose part should be cactus. >> yes, well, there is a yin and a yang to it. the buddy mulch. he is bringing over the pipes for later. >> opening act tiny, tiny greg gutfeld. >> unnecessary. it is interesting though. it seems to me that rock stars and comedians just don't age well. >> put the camera on me. look at me. i am 78 years old. >> no you are active.
12:55 am
>> stop laughing, levey, i can see new the monitor. >> i can feel the love between you. >> why do i come on? >> we ask ourselves, i don't remember calling you. >> he just shows up. >> he does. >> she like one of the stray dogs that come around the school and you feel sad and you put them in the back of the wagon. >> dogs that will soon have rights and will destroy you. >> we will close things up with the post game with andy levy. go to fox eye.
12:56 am
12:57 am
12:58 am
well, see you back here at 5:00 p.m. eastern for "the five." coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" return appearances from tom shlou, sandra smith and for the first time columnist will -- william mcgern makes his debut. >> and tv's andy levy, post
12:59 am
game wrap up. >> leeann, ask me about my lingerie line and military charity? >> andy -- >> i'm sorry. >> yes, well it is almost valentine's day all you men out there. go to leeann to purchase my fun, affordable sexy lingerie. and if you want to make a donation to our troops and their families my nonprofit, heros and patriots . net. >> excellent. charles how is everything at fox business? >> fantastic. rocking and rolling and the markets are rocking and rolling and we are trying to help people make money. >> when can people see you? >> 2:00 every day. also in the mornings too. it is really a lot of fun. >> it really is. >> paul, where are you going to be? >> rick bronson's house of comedy in minnesota. thursday through sunday. >> it is a